World Down Syndrome Day and Covid19

Hi everyone đź‘‹ If you are new to this blog, welcome! If you have been following since the beginning, thank you for your support. As most of you know, our 6 year old, Robert, has Down syndrome. We usually celebrate Robert and his extra chromosome in our community. Our local Down Syndrome Association holds some pretty [...]

Le 21 mars

Le 21 mars... Une journée qui se trouve au tout début du printemps. Une journée qui est aussi écrit 3.21. Une journée très spéciale pour notre famille. Le 21 mars nous célébrons la journée mondiale de la trisomie-21. Nous apportons une sensibilisation aux différences marquer par cette troisième copie du 21e chromosome. Que savez-vous au [...]

Happy March Birthdays

March is a fun month. In early March, we celebrate my husband's birthday. We remind him that he is appreciated and loved. We shower him with homemade cards and birthday cake, and we toast to another great trip around the sun. Then there is Robert's birthday. He was born just days before World Down Syndrome [...]

More Alike Than Different

You often hear parents of children with special needs, especially parents of children with Down Syndrome, say "more alike than different" when raising awareness about their child and a diagnosis. It's true. My son Robert is more like a typical 5-almost-6 year old, than he is different from his peers. He gets frustrated when things [...]