Salut, Bob!

Teach him to be kind.Teach him to be a nurturer.Teach him to have empathy. Sullivan recently turned 3. I'm not sure how time seems to pass so slowly, especially these 'groundhog days' we seem to be living, but in the blink of an eye, 9 months has passed and we're celebrating Sully's 3rd birthday. One [...]


As my oldest son is about to embark on his journey as a first grader, I've been thinking about the first 6 years of his life, and reflecting on what's it been like to raise a child with down syndrome. Robert, 8 months old When Robert was born, we didn't know he had Down syndrome. [...]

Le 21 mars

Le 21 mars... Une journée qui se trouve au tout début du printemps. Une journée qui est aussi écrit 3.21. Une journée très spéciale pour notre famille. Le 21 mars nous célébrons la journée mondiale de la trisomie-21. Nous apportons une sensibilisation aux différences marquer par cette troisième copie du 21e chromosome. Que savez-vous au [...]