Le 21 mars

Le 21 mars... Une journée qui se trouve au tout début du printemps. Une journée qui est aussi écrit 3.21. Une journée très spéciale pour notre famille. Le 21 mars nous célébrons la journée mondiale de la trisomie-21. Nous apportons une sensibilisation aux différences marquer par cette troisième copie du 21e chromosome. Que savez-vous au [...]

More Alike Than Different

You often hear parents of children with special needs, especially parents of children with Down Syndrome, say "more alike than different" when raising awareness about their child and a diagnosis. It's true. My son Robert is more like a typical 5-almost-6 year old, than he is different from his peers. He gets frustrated when things [...]


Merry Christmas! What are your favourite Christmas traditions? I love that we celebrate Christmas as a family on December 24th. We gather at my parents home, eat appetizers instead of dinner, let the kids open and enjoy their gifts while we open our gifts to each other. It's casual, relaxed, full of chaos and love. [...]

The Tooth Fairy

Early autumn we noticed that Robert was growing "shark teeth". This happens when adult teeth grow in behind the baby teeth. I looked it up out of concern, only to discover it is a fairly common phenomenon for children. The search results indicated that it was best to encourage the child to wiggle free their [...]

Tis the season

'Tis the season. While friends and family prepare their homes for the arrival of Santa Claus, we battle one virus after another. Croup has already hit our home this year, going from one boy to the next. It took a lot out of us, physically draining the boys and consuming us with worry. As a [...]