Rise up, shine on

Full time?Part time?In Class?Online?Indoors? Outdoors? What will school look like for Robert in the fall? And what about the little kids? Daycare? Home care? "Work From Home and Try to Care"? What will happen? What to do? How to decide when the information is ever changing, and emotions oscillate from laissez-faire to une grande peur? …

Eye exams

I can't believe it's been a month since I last wrote a blog post. So much and yet nothing seems to happen on CovidTime! I do want to document a recent appointment we have had, for ourselves mainly. Robert recently had an eye exam. Originally it was scheduled for June, but it was postponed due …


Can you believe the school year is over? On one hand, it feels as though the extended March break + the unexpected Covid19 break were both just announced, but on the other hand, it feels as though we've been attempting to help our kids learn from home for a year. The school year ending brings …

The Same, but Different

Going for a family walk probably doesn't seem like a big deal to many. After all, isn't going out for a walk or a bike ride a 'typical' family activity? And there you have it. It's a typical activity. And we aren't a typical family.

Pandemic Check-In

Alright fellow Canadians, it's been nearly a month since this began, how are you doing? And by that I mean.. how are you really doing? Because, if I'm being honest, I'm all over the map.