As my oldest son is about to embark on his journey as a first grader, I've been thinking about the first 6 years of his life, and reflecting on what's it been like to raise a child with down syndrome. Robert, 8 months old When Robert was born, we didn't know he had Down syndrome. [...]

Happy March Birthdays

March is a fun month. In early March, we celebrate my husband's birthday. We remind him that he is appreciated and loved. We shower him with homemade cards and birthday cake, and we toast to another great trip around the sun. Then there is Robert's birthday. He was born just days before World Down Syndrome [...]

Grief & Gratitude

November 2019, you bring with you so many emotions. Today, my baby celebrates 7 months on the outside. 7 months ago, my godmother came over for a quick visit. I love when she stops by. She's a woman of grace, intelligence and beauty. When she came by, I knew I'd be having my baby that day. I was overdue, partially dilated and very uncomfortable. I was waiting for a call from my midwives to move forward with the next steps. I was so ready to meet my new baby. A visit from my godmama on that day was just icing on the cake for me, an extra special moment shared between us.