World Down Syndrome Day and Covid19

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As most of you know, our 6 year old, Robert, has Down syndrome. We usually celebrate Robert and his extra chromosome in our community. Our local Down Syndrome Association holds some pretty awesome celebrations, but given the circumstances of Covid19 and social distancing, that won’t happen this year.

We hope that this won’t deter you from wearing your FUN and FUNKY socks on Saturday, March 21st.

If your neighbourhood is like ours, families are participating in the Neighbourhood Window Walk campaign. Families all over participate by hanging images, artwork or drawings in their windows. The images change every few days, but it gives families something to do in the house while we are isolating while developing community spirit.

If you are participating in this initiative in your area, might I add another to the list for Saturday, March 21st? Make some FUN and FuNkY socks to hang in your windows!

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I’m happy to answer any questions you or your kids might have about Down syndrome, as some might arise from this activity 🥰 and, if you post your socks to social media, feel free to tag us and use the hashtag #RockYourSocksForRobert

Thank you!

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