Changer le monde

I wrote "Croup, Care & Comfort" a couple of weeks ago. It initially started off as a way for me to process what had happened to Robert - and putting "pen to paper" so to speak, was an ideal way for me to process. Je l'ai écrit en anglais pour que mes mots et émotions [...]

Grief & Gratitude

November 2019, you bring with you so many emotions. Today, my baby celebrates 7 months on the outside. 7 months ago, my godmother came over for a quick visit. I love when she stops by. She's a woman of grace, intelligence and beauty. When she came by, I knew I'd be having my baby that day. I was overdue, partially dilated and very uncomfortable. I was waiting for a call from my midwives to move forward with the next steps. I was so ready to meet my new baby. A visit from my godmama on that day was just icing on the cake for me, an extra special moment shared between us.

Another Dimension of Love

Bonding with your third child is nothing like bonding with your first two. Somehow the third child gets left alone a little longer, gets swept up into the activities of their older siblings, instead of having their own, and consequently, waits a little longer and seems to grow up a little faster. You just can't [...]

Here we are…

Hello, I'm Denise aka LuckyMama. I've been married for 7.5 years, and we have 3 beautiful boys. Our oldest, Robert, is 6.5 years old. He's how we became a part of the Lucky Few Crew - you see, he has Down Syndrome. Robert has 2 younger brothers - Sullivan (3) and Alistair (18 months old). [...]