Merry Christmas!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

I love that we celebrate Christmas as a family on December 24th. We gather at my parents home, eat appetizers instead of dinner, let the kids open and enjoy their gifts while we open our gifts to each other. It’s casual, relaxed, full of chaos and love.

This leaves us time after Christmas day to spend with my husband’s family, where the kids are cherished and spoiled and adored by their grandparents and friends who are like family.

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On Christmas morning, we get to take things slowly as our small family unit. Next year, this will change. Robert is finally beginning to understand Santa and next year Sullivan will, too. We will have to make sure Santa stops at our home on Christmas morning, instead of only at my parents on Christmas eve. We’ve already purchased different wrapping paper for Santa’s elves to use for next season.

It’s interesting to have a 5 year old who is just starting to understand who Santa is. I hear other friends’ talk about their kids and the wish lists they are mailing Santa. They are waiting to leave carrots for the reindeer, cookies and milk for Santa, and talk about the magic of Christmas.

We haven’t really experienced that awe feeling yet around Santa, and while I wish that little bit of extra magic was present for this Christmas, knowing that we can enjoy another year of simple family time together makes up for it in spades.

So from our family to yours, wishing you a Christmas full of love, laughter, and joy.

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