My firecracker

Sullivan is my firecracker.

He wears his heart on his sleeve.

He feels his emotions on a grand scale.

He loves with his whole heart.

His zesty personality is one I am learning to navigate.

And he truly makes me a better mama.

Mama’s helper

The morning this photo was taken, he saw his scarf in the van when we arrived at daycare.

This is a special scarf, made by his great aunt, in the down syndrome colours.

He loves this scarf, even though at two and a half years old, he is too young to really understand what it represents.

I often wonder how long until he understands that Robert is different. We read books about Down Syndrome together. In fact, one of these books specifically says that some people have 47 chromosomes, while others have 46. When we get to that page, I ask “Who here has 47 chromosomes?!” in an excited voice. Sullivan will raise his hand, saying “Moi! Moi!” at the same time as Robert does.

That’s my cue to say that Robert is the lucky boy in our family with 47 chromosomes. I tell them that Sully and mama and Alistair and Daddy all have 46 chromosomes, but Robert has one extra.

We bring Sullivan (and Alistair) to Down Syndrome community events, he knows several people with Down Syndrome, but to him, they aren’t ‘Down syndrome’. They are his friends, and his family.

Robert is the last person he sees before falling asleep in the room they share, and the first person he sees in the morning.

He waits for him at the front door after school; pushes all the buttons he possibly can in an effort to annoy him the way any brother would; and he loves Robert with all his heart.

As he learns what Down Syndrome is, I hope to see this love intensify and stay just as pure. Most of all, I hope that he keeps being the Sullivan he is – full of love, kindness and a little bit of mischief. ♡

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