4 years ago

One fun thing about cloud photo storage and social media is that you get these notifications to remind you what was happening “on this day” last year, or several years ago.

Last week, my notification was pretty special. It reminded me that 4 years ago, at the age of 23 months, Robert was taking his first steps.

4 years ago. This happened.

Robert’s first steps

4 years ago.

Those 4 seconds changed our lives.

4 years ago.

We suddenly began to experience life with a child who was on his way to becoming more independent. From those tentative steps, he became an unstoppable force.

4 years ago.

The moms in my circle of friends who had kids Robert’s age were dealing with tantrums and their kids “talking back”. They were dealing with sleep regression and toilet training.

4 years ago.

I sat patiently in the group, listening to their worries and struggles, taking mental notes. I knew one day that I, too, would experience these. My son would be older, but he would also show me that he was his own person. He would soon shake his head no, have a fit if I got him the wrong colour plate at supper time or cut his toast in the wrong shapes.

4 years ago.

I got to experience a joy that I can’t describe. A joy that is clearly evident in my voice as Robert falls into my arms at the end of those 4 seconds.

4 years ago.

Robert showed us that with his determination, our love and support, and his attitude, he would be unstoppable.

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