I’m Back, Again!

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2021 was a bust when it comes to my blog. Did you notice? I felt the emptiness of not putting “pen to paper” over the past year. The emptiness of not connecting with others, and sharing our trials and tribulations.

It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about. With 3 (now 4!) kids, it’s nearly impossible to have an uneventful day. It’s more that I wasn’t motivated to write. I felt like the cycle of daily life wasn’t interesting enough to capture an audience’s attention.

I forgot why I wanted to write this blog. I let the Panny overcome me. But honestly, this blog is more for me – as selfish as that sounds. I find I actually process a lot of what is happening when I write about it. And I spent an entire year without writing, and in a way, not really processing.

Now here we are… About to turn the pages of our calendars and jump into a New Year. And with this, I want to bring myself back to the blog. I want to get back to documenting our moments of joy, our reasons to celebrate, our struggles, our challenges, and even our “mundane Panny lives” as it were.

And with the New Year, comes a New Word. This is the time of year where I don’t make a resolution. Instead, I think about what I want to use as my “Word of the Year” – I blogged about this in 2020.

I ask myself “What will guide me in 2022?”

Naturally, I have been reflecting on the events of the past year. We have had many personal changes and there is much to think about with what is going on in the world around us. What mindset do I want to bring into the New Year? And after a lot of thought, I finally decided on a word. This year, my word will be Cherish.

It was the definition of the word that really spoke to me. As a verb, it prompts me into actions of love and hope.

In 2022, I will :

Cherish my babies.
Cherish my marriage.
Cherish my family.
Cherish my friends.
Cherish my body.
Cherish me.

And with the addition of baby Margo (surprise! I had a baby! I will blog about that in 2022), I feel as though I want to cherish every moment with her. So why not make it purposeful, intentional, and part of the day-to-day in 2022?

What’s your Word of the Year for 2022? Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.


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For many, 2020 represented a very difficult, dark, and overwhelming year. While I tried to focus on the moments that brought joy, I have to say, 2020 hurt me. I am a bit of a social butterfly, and my kids are quite social, which meant that following the guidelines to stay home, and stay relatively isolated, was tough for our family. Like many, we missed seeing our friends and family, and we missed going on road trips.

My calendar pages no longer say “2020”, and I am moving forward with optimism and hope.

Last year, I wrote about how I enjoy the idea of changing the calendar to a new year, and setting new goals for growth. Rather than make a resolution that I’m likely to break only days after setting it, I pick a word to guide my intentions and actions as we move ahead in the new year. After this period of darkness, I hope to bloom in 2021. My word this year is “mindfulness”. I want to be mindful of the impact of my choices, my words and my actions, and more importantly, I want to be more mindful of others.

I want to model this behaviour to my kids and help them to be present, to be respectful and to be intentional. I began by setting boundaries for myself. My phone has the option to set limits on how long I can use an app in any given day, and so I first began by limiting access to social media. Now I am forced to be mindful of how much time I spend on the social media rabbit hole. The next step I took was to set time for myself every day. I realized that most days, I didn’t have a minute alone. Now, I am putting aside 30 minutes of the day to be alone. So far, this has typically resulted in the dog getting an extra walk, one with just me.

Are you someone who sets resolutions? Have you ever considered picking a word to help you to navigate your growth over the calendar year? Let me know in the comments below.

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