Common Connection

Sometimes, being a parent to a child who isn’t neurotypical is lonely.

Sometimes, you can feel isolated in your thoughts and emotions.

That’s not always the case.

Having a child with Down syndrome is a ticket into one of the most incredible and supportive communities.

It’s unbelievable how that extra chromosome is able to connect families around the globe.

When we have questions about what to expect after a diagnosis, this community is there.

When we wonder what resources might be available for our kids, this community is there.

When we feel overwhelmed, and just need SOMEONE who understands, this community is there.

We are a global community.

We are family.

We truly are The Lucky Few.


In order of appearance, our global community members are:

Ava, 2.5 @mrskyliesamson
Ariana, 3
Charlie and Milo, 5 @chucklesandmeatloaf
Emma, 2 @the.sassmcleans
Evalyn, 8 months @extraevalyn
Gavin, 6 @cwoods1212
Israel, 17 months @lor_ee @les_ismore9
Eli, 2
Ariyah, 18 months @upsidedownmomto
Caleb, 12 @karenjp0915
Jackson, 2 @michelecasal
Norah, 8 months @chodaks
Micah, 6 @lifewithmicah
Sofia, 3.5 @mvzlettysol
Ivy, 2 @myincredibleivy
Grayson, 5 @hugedork
Matthew, 21 @inthisopenbook
Olivia, 5 @ashleycharlton
Evorly, 11 months @kay_boin
Braelah, 16 months @beautifulbraelah
Genevieve, 17 months @theupsidedownfamily
Connor, 7 @basketsofloveds
Ava and Cora, 2 @raynisivley
Joshua, 24 @karebearmac8
Addison, 3 @addisonremy @pattysneddon
Christian, 6 @pdotanderson
Telmo, 19 months @telmucho
Jordan Grace, 6 @mommytor_az
Frankie, 3 @321ofakind
Lochlyn, 22 months @walkwithloch
Gabi, 3 @achown
Isla, 2.5
Harper, 15 months @stronglikeharper
Robert, 6
Abel, 18 @abel.the.lionking
Thomas, 2.5 @jessicapollmanselden
Lili, 3 @courtkauai
Ryann, 2 @rys_wonderful_journey
Miah, 6 @sandra_alnakkash

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