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The Tooth Fairy

Early autumn we noticed that Robert was growing "shark teeth". This happens when adult teeth grow in behind the baby teeth. I looked it up out of concern, only to discover it is a fairly common phenomenon for children. The search results indicated that it was best to encourage the child to wiggle free their [...]

Tis the season

'Tis the season. While friends and family prepare their homes for the arrival of Santa Claus, we battle one virus after another. Croup has already hit our home this year, going from one boy to the next. It took a lot out of us, physically draining the boys and consuming us with worry. As a [...]

He Can’t Do That

How often does someone tell you that your child can't do something? How often are other people the biggest barrier your child faces when trying something new? Our oldest son, Robert, is 5 years old. In his short time on this earth, he has shown us that he will not be limited by what others [...]

Best Brothers

It has been busy here these past few weeks. We bought hardwood flooring to replace the old carpets in some of the bedrooms, and we were finally able to install it. We began with Robert's room. After we emptied out the contents of Robert's room, and my husband installed the new flooring, we decided to [...]

Changer le monde

I wrote "Croup, Care & Comfort" a couple of weeks ago. It initially started off as a way for me to process what had happened to Robert - and putting "pen to paper" so to speak, was an ideal way for me to process. Je l'ai écrit en anglais pour que mes mots et émotions [...]