Eye exams

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote a blog post. So much and yet nothing seems to happen on CovidTime!

I do want to document a recent appointment we have had, for ourselves mainly.

Robert recently had an eye exam. Originally it was scheduled for June, but it was postponed due to Covid. Every 6 months we’ve been bringing him to the optometrist for a check up. Some days he is more cooperative in the chair than others, and he was outstanding at his last appointment!

We’ve been lucky enough to find a French speaking optometrist in our primarily anglophone city. What a blessing!

This optometrist is so kind, energetic and engaging. At this particular appointment, the optometrist greeted Robert and immediately began showing off his cool shoes as we walked to the examination room. Little things like this make Robert feel comfortable.

And in this new age of masks and face shields, making Robert comfortable is key!

Masked up and ready for the eye exam

The purpose of these frequent eye exams is to ensure Robert’s prescription is accurate and that there is no eye turning. Some children with down syndrome experience a ‘lazy eye’, some have eye turning, and some have to get bifocals at a young age. Currently, we are monitoring Robert for any signs of eye turning (which he doesn’t have). We also have to watch out for any squinting he might be demonstrating while he is wearing his glasses – this might indicate that he needs a stronger prescription or even bifocals.

After frequent visits to the optometrist, we received some good news at this appointment! If his next appointment produces similar positive results, we will move from 6 month frequency to annual appointments.

Now to schedule my own eye appointment . . .

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