Rencontre de transition

We had Robert’s transition meeting recently. This transition meeting was a time for his team to sit down together and discuss how his transition from junior kindergarten to senior kindergarten was going.

Robert’s team is amazing. It’s comprised of an occupational therapist, his educational assistant, his teacher, the resource teacher, the principal and us, the parents.

These meetings can be very difficult to attend as a parent. You see, we strive to shout the worth of our child to the world. We don’t want limits placed on our beautiful, capable, intelligent boy. These meetings are not about all the amazing things Robert can do. These meetings are a place for you to learn about where your child is struggling.

As a parent, you don’t want to focus on what your child can’t do. It’s difficult to hear that he isn’t keeping up with his peers.

Did I mention that Robert’s team is amazing?

When we sat down with them, they told us about what he is capable of. The teacher and EA tell us all about his strengths and what he brings to the class. Did we discuss where we need to help him improve? What areas appear to give him more difficulties? Yes.

But the thing is, when we are focused on who Robert is as a person and we are all working together to help him reach his full potential,

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So yes, we need to help him improve on his gross and fine motor skills. We need to do work with him to be able to recognize what letters make which sounds (he knows T makes “t-t-t-t” but he can’t identify that “t-t-t-t” is made by a T). We’re working on helping him master those skills. We know it will take time, and like everything, practice will make perfect.

We also know that he is doing much better at following school routines. He’s playing games with other kids and his handwriting is slowly improving. He is well loved by his peers, and after a difficult year around being toilet trained at school, he is much more successful this year, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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